Pre-K Learning Goals

Each Child will:

  • Develop their ability to recognize letter names and letter sounds.
  • Be introduced to the use of basic Spanish: numbers, color, shapes and simple greetings.
  • Develop their math readiness skills through the use of number, shape, space measurement, pattens reasoning, statistics and probability.
  • Become familiar with days of the week, months of the year, and have daily experience with the calendar and weather through the school year.
  • Have opportunities for using art and craft materials and develop an awareness of music
  • Develop understanding, attitudes, and skills appropriate for the child’s particular age.
  • Develop an ability to communicate with teachers and classmates and follow simple rules.
  • Become aware that each person is worthy of God’s love and the love of human beings through religious instruction. However, you do not need to be Catholic to attend our pre-school program.