Family Faith Formation

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Family Faith Formation Tentative Schedule

Unit Sundays
The Children will be divided into age groups. These Sundays will emphasize the Truths of the Faith. Grades 7 & 8 will participate in the ‘CHOSEN’ program in preparation for Confirmation.

Family Sundays
On Family Sundays the Sisters devoted to the Sacred Heart will come to Saint Mary Magdalen and work with the families as a group.

Adult Catechesis
The adults of the program will receive catechesis on the Catholic Faith. During this time the children will have Jesus in the gym in
which they will participate in service projects and themed religious activities. They will also have time to play and interact with one another, building community.

Educational and Classroom Learning

All educational/classroom learning is done on the computer at the convenience of your family. The program is the ‘Faith and Life’ series for the Grade Schoolers and ‘Foundations’ for our High School Students. Students have one year to complete their grade level book. Progression will be monitored by the administrator. Beginning academic year 2017/18 in order to receive future Sacraments….all levels MUST be completed.