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  • Family Faith Classroom Portal

    Welcome to the Family Faith Formation Classroom Portal

    Click the image below to access Google Classroom

    Instructions for joining a class for the first time:

    1. Click the link above to enter Google Classroom
    2. Click the “+” and then click on “join class”
    3. Enter the Class code to join the class and view the assignments

    Instructions for completing weekly assignments:

    1. Begin by spending a few minutes to quiet your mind and pray the Opening Prayer on your bookmark
    2. Then log into and choose your StMM Class
    3. Click the “Classwork” tab
    4. Select the current lesson
    5. Click “View Assignment”
    6. Watch the videos, complete the readings or workbook pages, and complete the quiz
    7. When all the work is done, click the “Mark as Done” button
    8. Close your faith formation time with the “Closing Prayer” on the back of your bookmark
    9. Note: Every fifth lesson also include a “Living Mercy” assignment to be completed as a family, with the “Living Mercy Refection Sheet” to be turned in at the next Family Faith Classroom Sunday.

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