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    Curriculum is the planned set of experiences intended to enable and challenge each child to reach his/her potential.

    Instructional Curriculum includes:

    • Religion at all grade levels and Chastity Education for Fifth-Eighth Graders
    • Language Arts at all grade levels [Reading/Literature, Writing, Phonics (Kindergarten through Third Grade), English, and Spelling/Vocabulary]
    • Mathematics at all grade levels
    • Social Studies at all grade levels, ungraded in Kindergarten, First and Second
    • Science at all grade levels, ungraded in Kindergarten, First and Second
    • Computer Ed at all grade Kindergarten through Grade Eight
    • Music at all grade levels
    • Art at all grade levels Kindergarten through Grade Eight
    • Physical Education at all grade levels
    • Spanish Class for all those in Pre-K 4 through Grade Eight

    A copy of the Saint Mary Magdalen School’s Curriculum Guide is available upon request.

    Religious Education

    Religious education is the foundation of the curriculum at Saint Mary Magdalen School. Instruction in the Catholic faith and opportunities for prayer are provided daily. Teachers and staff make every effort to live the Word of Gospel encouraging and supporting the children to also live the Gospel. Students participate in on-going service projects as grade-level appropriate.

    Sacramental Program

    Instruction for the reception of the sacraments of Reconciliation and First Eucharist is provided in Grade 2. Students receive Reconciliation at least four times each year. The exact date is included in the school calendar. Children receive First Eucharist following Easter as the parish schedule allows. The sacrament of Confirmation will be offered in the spring of uneven years to Seventh and Eighth Graders. The exact date of the ceremony is determined by the Archdiocese of Saint Louis. Meetings are held for parent education before the children receive these sacraments.

    Students in Grades 2 – 8 are invited to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation at least once each year during school hours.

    Mass Attendance

    Students come together as part of the parish faith community Tuesday thru Friday at the 8:00 am Mass.  On Fridays, the students actively participate in the Mass as Lectors, Choir Members, Cantors and Gift Bearers. On alternate Mondays, the students have Baptismal Feast Day, All Pro Dads and All School Prayer Service.  The First Friday of each month the students attend Adoration.


    Personal conversation with God, whether silent or oral, is necessary for developing a strong faith life and faith community. The students learn various prayers at each grade level and pray together frequently. Throughout the year, in a variety of ways, children are given the opportunity to guide others in prayer: at Mass as cantors and lectors, in the classroom as they share or initiate prayer and in All-School Prayer, as students plan for and lead other students in prayer. Such opportunities prepare our students to become active adults in their faith communities. We encourage parents to pray with their children at home in order to strengthen the teachings from school and to share their children’s spiritual life.

    Standardized Testing

    All students in Grades 3-8 participate in the Iowa Test of Basic Skills in late September. This is the national, standardized test required by the Archdiocese of Saint Louis. Testing results are communicated to parents in November at the Parent Teacher Conference and as requested by parents.

    Test scores are used by faculty and administration as one means of evaluation for curriculum, textbooks and overall teaching and learning success. Students’ individual test scores from Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Grade are used by the Catholic High Schools as a means of evaluation when considering whether or not to accept a student.

    Field Trips

    Participation in activities that are educational and away from school is encouraged at Saint Mary Magdalen School. All field trip activities are directly related to the curriculum. Field trips are planned by the teachers and approved by the Principal. A signed permission slip from parents or guardian is absolutely necessary before a child may leave school for a field trip. The teachers are responsible for seeking proper adult supervision of students at a ratio of at least one adult per ten students.

    Whenever possible, bus transportation by an insured carrier is provided. If there are not a

    sufficient number of students attending an off-campus, school-sanctioned event to warrant a bus, a private passenger vehicle may be used. If a private passenger vehicle must be used, the following criteria are required:

    • Drivers must have a valid, non-probationary driver’s license and no physical disability that may impair the ability to drive safely.
    • The vehicle must have a valid registration and meet state safety requirements.
    • There must be one operable seat belt for each child in the car.
    • The vehicle must be insured for minimum limits of $100,000 per person, $300,000 per occurrence.
    • Students must be restrained or transported in safety restraints/seats as prescribed by Missouri State law.
    • Drivers must be experienced drivers and demonstrate the maturity necessary to provide for those they are transporting.

    Walking field trip forms are completed at the beginning of each year.

    In accordance with Archdiocese policy, only those parents who have met all the volunteer compliance guidelines may attend a field trip as a chaperone/driver.

    Field Trip Privileges

    A student’s ability to participate in school-sponsored field trips indirectly connected to their performance in school. Failure to meet homework obligations or continued disciplinary concerns may result in a student missing a field trip.

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